Alzheimer’s is a progressive mental disorder in which a person brain cells gets degenerate or die. Alzheimer starts with confusion and mild forgetfulness and it can extend up to complete memory loss. Any person suffering from Alzheimer’s will have difficulty in performing daily tasks, he may go through mood swings, depression, aggression, and social withdrawals. According to the survey done in 2016 more than 47 million people are affected by Alzheimer’s and by 2050 this number could reach up to 131 million.

Currently, Alzheimer’s has no cure, all the medication which are available are just helping in reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. In this article, I will tell you all about the causes and symptoms related to Alzheimer you will also read about CBD and CBD help in reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer: Causes & Symptoms

CBD In Alzheimer
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Alzheimer disease is caused by an abnormal build of protein around the brain cells. The other protein which deposits within the brain cell is known as tau. There is no known cause of why this protein builds up. When the brain cells get affected then decrease in neurotransmitters takes place which means signals to brain cell are not transmitted properly. With time the different areas of brain cells gets shrink which is responsible for memory loss. In some cases, genes are responsible for causing Alzheimer’s. Environmental factors like long-term exposure to pesticides, paints, and glue can also trigger the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

The other causes of Alzheimer are as follows,

  1. History of head injury
  2. High blood pressure and high cholesterol
  3. Increasing age and obesity
  4. Family history with Alzheimer

Alzheimer: symptoms

Common symptoms which can be experienced during the early stages of Alzheimer’s are,

  1. Short term memory loss with mood changes and anxiety.
  2. Difficulty in learning new things and processing information
  3. Confusion about time
  4. Having difficulty in communication
  5. Having difficulty in performing daily tasks
  6. Difficulty in recognizing family and friends
  7. Loss of appetite
  8. Uncertain sleep time

Types of Alzheimer disease

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Mild Alzheimer

In this type of Alzheimer people will feel difficulty in remembering and performing daily tasks like paying bills, meetings and time. All these symptoms are not serious so patients keep living with some difficulties.

Moderate Alzheimer

With the significant neurological damage symptoms of moderate Alzheimer are more intense. will have memory loss and he will be more dependent on others. The patient may also feel difficulty in processing the thoughts.

Severe Alzheimer

In this type of Alzheimer, brain cells start dying. It can lead to shrinking of brain tissues, the patient will feel difficulty in communicating with another person. He may even also forgot his family and friends.

Use of CBD in Alzheimer

CBD is a chemical compound which is found in the different strains of the hemp plants. CBD has no strain of THC which means it can’t get you high. Use of CBD in Alzheimer reduces the inflammation and oxygen build up in brain cells. By using CBD oil you can also reduce the inflammation in brain immune cells.

The memory loss and brain cell degeneration are related to increased oxygen in the brain cell. CBD is an effective anti-oxidant which reduces the oxygen stress problem related to brain cells. CBD also helps in stimulating brain tissues which reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Nowadays CBD is available in different forms like wax, oil, e-juice, powder, tincture, and isolate. You can use CBD oil in your food or drink to reduce the Alzheimer symptoms. CBD oil can be orally consumed just by dropping a few drops under your tongue. Tincture and isolate are also consumed orally.

Final Thoughts On CBD In Alzheimer

Alzheimer is becoming a very common medical condition for old age peoples. Within the year’s number of Alzheimer patients are increasing. As you know there is no cure for Alzheimer, all you can just reduce its symptoms. If you are not satisfied by the medication then you can try CBD as an alternative to reduce the Alzheimer symptoms. Use of CBD reduces the oxygen stress in brain cells by which inflammation can be reduced. So if you are looking for alternative substance for Alzheimer then go for CBD.

I hope I have covered all the essential information related to CBD and Alzheimer. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article then feel free to comment in the below section.

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