Is your dog suffering from seizure? Then you are in the right article. Today we are going to discuss CBD for Pet seizure, How CBD helps to treat your dog’s seizures?

What is a Seizure?

A seizure can be defined as a sudden synchronous discharge of neurons which lead to symptoms and signs. The brain is made of thousands of neurons which interact with each other. Normally the interactions are balanced, however, disruptions can cause the neurons to misfire which can lead to uncontrolled muscular spasms. However, the extent of the symptoms depends on the area of the brain that the neurons are misfiring in and people can often a seizure.

Symptoms of seizure

There are some common symptoms of seizure that dogs face-

  • Muscle spasms
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Uncontrollable movement of the limbs

How long seizure last in dogs. A seizure can be horrifying in dogs. There are 4 distinct stages

 Stage 1: Prodrome

The prodrome phase can happen for years on its own before an actual seizure occurs. The prodrome phase is characterized by short episodes of odd behavior. Your dog may feel nervous, extremely clingy at this stage.

Stage 2: Aura

At this stage, your dog may whine shiver, pace or become anxious. These symptoms can last for hours before the seizure occurs.

Stage 3: Ictus

This stage is the actual seizure part of the ictus phase. At the start fall to one side and begin paddling and convulsing. If the seizure lasts for more than five minutes, seek medical attention immediately. After five minutes your dog’s body temperatures will rise instantly.

Stage 4: Post-Ictus Phase

This is the last stage of seizure. Post- ictus phase occurs when the seizure has finished. Your dog may be confused dizzy or temporarily blind. What should you do if the dog has a seizure? Make sure your dog is in a safe place if you notice they are about to have a seizure. Once the seizure starts, do not interfere with your dog. Keep track of how long the seizure lasts. Talk to your dog in a calm and reassuring voice. Schedule an appointment with your vet as soon as seizure ends.

CBD for seizure

If your dog is suffering from a seizure then the best way is CBD. Cannabidiol is one of the most abundant cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant.

CBD for seizure

It is non- psychoactive and comes with the many medical benefits for dogs. Dogs have an Endocannabinoid system just like humans. ECS regulates various psychological processes in the body such as mood, pain, inflammation, sleep, pain, seizure etc. It is a network of different receptors. Best of all, CBD does not have any side effects.

Wrapping Up

CBD for seizure is the best way to to make your dog happy and enjoy the blissful life. For any query, please feel free to comment below section. Thanks for reading.

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